Are you my Daddy? The Great Baby Search

So, I’ve been cleaning out my desk as part of Inside Lacrosse’s move to our new palatial estate in the Power Plant Pier IV building. During the dumping, in my desk I found a mysterious brown folder. Said folder held a thank you note with a Tiger on the front, and the below baby picture:

Now, I have no idea who this baby is, who its parents are (though I know its not my baby), how it ended up in my desk or why said photographer would pose the child in a bowl surrounded by pink roses. I’m guessing someone loosely related to IL, but any suggestions will do. So, dear internet friends, maybe you can help. WHO IS THIS BABY? Post names, thoughts, leads or just stupid shit below.

Author: Geoff Shannon

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  1. Nah, I just bought this baby cash…

  2. hmm…I thought it may be one of my babies, but the child is far too fair…not enough cinnamon/caramel/beige for this to be my kid.