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1. Managing Editor, Inside Lacrosse, 2005-Present
Support production of Inside Lacrosse magazine and InsideLacrosse.com, and lead production of Inside Lacrosse Face-Off Yearbook and IL’s Recruiting Issue. Duties include managing budgets and freelancers, working through production deadlines, editing, reporting, operating social media, podcasting, web publishing and other activities.

Awards and Honors
FOLIO Eddie Award, Best Full Issue Gold Medal, 2016
FOLIO Eddie Award, Honorable Mention Best Full Issue, 2015
FOLIO Eddie Award, Best Full Issue Gold Medal, 2012
FOLIO Eddie Award, Best Full Issue Gold Medal, 2008

 Staff Writer, Slidell Sentry-News, 2004-2005
Reported in St. Tammany Parish, a suburb of New Orleans, for a daily newspaper. Duties included editing, advertorial writing and other activities.

Awards and Honors
Louisiana Press Association Newspaper of the Year (Div. 4), 2005
LPA 1st Place, Best Continuing Coverage of a Governmental Issue, 2005

Contributing Writer, Tulane University Publications, 2004-2005
Wrote monthly features for Tulanian magazine, and for the university’s internal publications and website.

Freelance, 2004-Present
City Paper (Baltimore), Baltimore Magazine, Maryland Life, Baltimore Business Journal, Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award, Major League Lacrosse, Where Y’at Magazine, Covington NewsBanner, Tulane Athletics

American Copy Editors Society (ACES)
Juror, Baldwin Prize

Tulane University ’04
B. A., History

Sports Editor, Tulane Hullabaloo



So, no one is reading this. Which is spectacular. I have no problem with that.

I enjoy writing and am, some would say foolishly, trying to etch out a career in this profession. At 26, I’m an associate editor of a Baltimore-based sports magazine, and write a small but growing portfolio of freelance articles in the Maryland region. Hopefully I cane take it national if I’m talented/crafty enough, or if I kiss enough bootie. Of course, “writing” as a career my also go the way of the telephone switchboard operator, so I’m keeping those LSAT study manuals my buddy Scott let me borrow handy just in case.

I enjoy my work. But, it’s that, work. There are times to branch out and write/discuss/preach about other aspects of my life and my surroundings, specifically what I love culturally  at a pinpointed moment.

It may be to praise a column by New Jersey Star-Ledger television critic Alan Sepinwall, or analyze the Baltimore folk/indie vs. art-centric music scene, or  discuss the nuances of New Orleans Y’at culture. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll throw a few snippets from my fiction writing, which of course is unwanted and unfinished at this point in time.

I will post smaller notes, links, news bites, to keep it lively here. Hopefully, though, this will be a place for me to practice, and for you to read, my long-form essay writing. That’s the magazine article format is what I enjoy reading the most, and that’s the form I would like to perfect, even if its just a hobby.

I would also love to showcase other writer’s works, either in link form or in actual postings, on here. If we get this smoking, we can do that.

I’ll also update that pic uptop, ’cause of course it doesn’t make sense. Any questions shoot me an e-mail at geoffrey_shannon@hotmail.com

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