Hampden: A History Behind the Quirkiness

I’ve always wanted five minutes to talk to Baltimore At-Large about my neighborhood, Hampden, and what made growing up there unique, worthwhile and, ultimately, wonderful. Thanks to Ignite Baltimore, a collaborative discussion forum, I was able to do just that. I’m not the most comfortable speaker, but I thought I got my story across.

Special thanks to my co-workers at Inside Lacrosse, masters of Content, for helping me with strong notes following my first test run; to Angela, Matt, Greg, Uncle Rick and the rest of the Shaeffer clan, one of Hampden’s best and oldest families, for help with stories and history; to my parents for helping with old photos; to my friend Rodney Foxworth for helping with initial inspiration; for my friends who showed up to watch the night of; and as always to Samantha Armacost, who pushes me to excel in wonderful ways.

Author: Geoff Shannon

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